Ensemble Remolino

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The Remolino ensemble was founded in 2002. The continuous exploration of new sources of inspiration and the intensive collaboration with young, innovative composers has turned Remolino into a vast reservoir of creativity. Having played in different ensembles, Emil Yakovlev (violin), Oleg Gulevsky (bayan), Mikhail Blekher (piano) and Kirill Grigoryev (double-bass)  share a passion for music and the compositions of artists like Astor Piazzolla. The ensemble is highly recognized by a broad and diverse audience reaching from lovers of classic music, Jazz and Tango.


Gabriela Bergallo

Oberdorfstrasse 32
CH 8424 Embrach

Fax: +41 44 865 70 80

CH Mobil: +41 76 296 99 29
Tel: +41 44 865 29 29